Normally in Senta, all fields can be seen by all users in the practice.  This open access isn't always desirable.  For example, you may wish to hide confidential client data, fees or fee-split arrangements, and so on, so that only appropriate staff within the practice can see the information.

To hide information, administrator users can lock fields, i.e. make them only visible to certain users.

Currently users within a practice are in one of three roles, which reflects the type of work they do within a practice:

  • Practice user
  • Account manager
  • Practice manager

Any user may also be an administrator, which allows them to add & remove users, update practice settings, configure Jobs, etc.

Fields can be locked to hide them for these various staff roles.

Locking a field

N.b. Fields can only be locked by users who are administrators.  

To lock or unlock a field, see the Security tab In Settings > General Settings:

Click on Add field lock and then choose the field you would like to lock.  Next, choose the users who have access to this field . 

Finally, click Save

Who sees locked fields?

Here the administrator has added one field, “Accounting fees”. 

By adding this field lock, it is now visible to Account managers and Practice managers, but not general Practice users. Ordinary practice users will not see the field “accounting fees” on list views, when viewing/editing client records, or when filling in task forms that reference “accounting fees”. 

However, account managers and practice managers will see this field, and can see/edit the value, but now with a “padlock” icon, to show that it is a locked field:

By un-ticking “any account managers”, we can secure this field further. It will now only be available to the assigned account manager, and practice managers. Account managers will see the “accounting fees” column in client lists, but will only see values for their own clients. When account managers view/edit a client, they will only be able to view/edit the fees for their own clients. Practice managers and administrators continue to see the value for all clients.

By un-ticking “assigned account managers”, we secure this field yet further. It will now only be visible to practice managers. Account managers will not see this column in client lists, and will not see values for any clients, even their own. 

Finally, unticking “practice manager” makes a field visible only to administrators.

Unlocking a field

To unlock a field, just click the dustbin against the field you wish to unlock.  Click Save and the field will be available to all users again.