When you signed up for Senta, we supplied some sample data to get started with.  Some of this will be useful as you go live with Senta - Jobs, for example - but you will want to delete some of it, such as the sample clients.  

You also have the option to reset the sample data at any time, particularly during your trial if you've been experimenting and want to start again with fresh data.  

Resetting sample data

You can reset the data by going to your Settings > General Settings area.  


Next, click on the Reset data tab.  You have various options to determine what data is kept.  Bear in mind that if you reset your sample data, all changes to Jobs, Services, and other data will be lost.  Please see further down for details of how to remove sample clients.

You have the option to keep or discard users.  

You have the option to keep or discard any client records you've added.  You can

  • keep clients you've added (but reset everything else)
  • remove clients and reimport the sample clients again
  • clear down the client list ready to add your real data

Please choose carefully as this step is not reversible. 

Once you've made your choice, click the Reset sample data button.  After a confirmation, your data will be reset. 

Removing sample clients only

If you would like to keep any changes to your configuration, i.e. Jobs, Services, etc., then you must not reset the sample data. Instead, you can just delete the sample clients from your client list.  

Go to the client list, and tick all the clients you'd like to remove.  Then, click Actions > Delete, like this: 

Again, after a confirmation, those clients will be deleted.  If you delete clients, their Jobs, Tasks, notes, documents and contacts are removed too.