Sometimes you might want to make a task in a job have a due date that depends on when something else was completed. For example, you might have a service level arrangement with clients to complete work within a certain timescale.  

In Senta you can use the completion date of one task to set the due date of another.  

When you look at a task in a job, you will see there's an option to "Store task completion date" under the "advanced" tab. If you set this to yes, you can store the date in a field reference.  


You can then use this field reference in emails and texts:    

    Hi {to.firstname}, thanks for sending your books on {job.date_client_sent_in_books}. 

But you can also use it as a start date or due date on subsequent tasks: 


This gives you lots of possibilities for service level, but can also help you stagger deadlines.  

For more information about dates, take a look at our guide to date offsets.