The client list on Senta looks very simple, but there's a lot of power that can help you get things set up just how you want.   

The client list shows your practice's clients.  It shows you all clients to start, but you can search in the list very easily.  Just put some or all of the client name into the search box and the list will show you just matching clients.

We've set up various client lists for you on the Clients menu, but feel free to customise or delete these and add your own.  


Sorting your clients

At first, the client list is in alphabetical order, but you can change the order of your clients on the client list.  All columns have a little up down arrow next to them.  

Click this to change the sort order or change it back again. 

Don't forget to save your changes for next time if you want to... see below for details. 

Saving your changes for next time

When you make any changes to the client list - sorting, filtering, adding columns, totals, or anything else, you must save the changes or they will be lost next time you go back to the client list.  

Whenever you change something, a Save changes button appears.  Just click it to store your changes for next time.

Saving a client view

You don't have to overwrite your client list.  You can save a new client list.  Click the down-arrow instead of Save changes or the Custom view button.

You'll be prompted for a name for the client list and the new client list will be saved on your Clients menu.

Deleting a client view

To delete a client view, go to Custom view > Delete view:

Who can view the client list

When you create a Custom View client list in Senta, this will only be visible to you. 

If you have Administrator permissions within Senta, you can change the visibility of client lists. A guide on how to change the visibility can be found here Changing the visibility of client lists.

Filtering the list

You can also filter by most of the columns in your list, for example if you want to show only prospects, or only limited companies.  

Click on the funnel icon next to the column title and choose what matching clients you want to show. 

Once you've done that, the funnel changes colour so you know that filter is in use.  

You can filter by any number of columns at a time.  If a column doesn't show a funnel, you can't use it to filter.

To remove the filter, just click the funnel icon again and choose “All”.  

Again, don't forget to save your changes for next time if you want to.

Adding or changing columns

You can change the columns that are shown on the client list.  The columns can show:

  • any data that has been collected for a client – whether it's part of their main client details or was captured as part of a Service.  
  • job dates - such as the next VAT return due date, or the next payroll date
  • columns from Companies House such as made up and due dates
  • advanced columns, such as the Services you provide for this client, date created, Job status, flags & stars

To add or remove columns, just click on the Custom view button and choose Edit columns

The column headers will change, giving you some extra options.  

Click-and-hold on the three dots icon to drag columns around. Click the rubbish bin icon to delete a column. 

You'll also see a new 'Add new column' button to add an extra column.

When you've made all your column changes click Done to go back to the client list.  Clicking Done doesn't save the client list, so don't forget to save your changes for next time if you want to.

Adding columns

Click on the 'Add new column' button to add a new field.  You'll be given a list of all the forms and fields on Senta, plus Jobs, for choosing "next" dates, along with sections for Companies House and Advanced columns.  Select your column and click OK to add it to your client list.  

You can add as many columns as you like.

Column settings

You can also change some settings for the column, with the cog icon.  This will let you change the column title, choose whether or not to hide the column or display it underneath, and add a footer for the column.  For numerical columns you can display total a count, average or total in the footer.

Hiding a column

You can hide a column instead of deleting it.  This will let you use the column for sorting and filtering, but just not display it.  For example, you might make a client list with all your partnership clients on.  You would need the "client type" column to filter for partnerships.  But once you've done that, there's not really much point in showing that column because every row would show "Partnership".  In this case, you might as well hide the column. 

Viewing a job list as client list

If you want to see all client data for a set of clients pulled from a jobs list, there is a full guide to this available here.