Clients can upload documents via the Senta client portal whenever they like. Obviously, it's important that you find out about it. 


Notifications about document upload

When a client uploads, the client's account manager is notified -- the account manager will hear the gong and see the globe flashing: 


Clicking on that reveals a file upload notification: 


Bear in mind that currently the notification is preset and will always go to the client's account manager only.  

Document inbox

Apart from the notification about a document upload, you can also view all newly uploaded documents in the Document inbox. To access the Document inbox go to Documents > Document inbox.

Any documents that have been uploaded by your client and have not been yet downloaded and opened, will be assigned a 'NEW!' status.

Use the filter icons to filter when there are multiple documents in the Document inbox. For example, to filter to the Account manager for a client, select the filter icon and choose the Account manager:

Why am I seeing these files in the document inbox?

If something is in the document inbox, then it will either have been uploaded as part of an upload request task assigned to the client, or just uploaded by the client as and when. Either way, it will also show under the documents tab for the relevant clients who uploaded the doc.

Where on the client record can I see these documents?

If something is in the document inbox, it will also be showing at the root (top level) folder of documents for the client who uploaded the document:

If you then wanted to move this document to a folder or task, you would need to do so from the documents tab for the client: