One of the most powerful features in Senta is customisable workflows.  If you've ever changed your workflows, then you'll know that Senta offers to update any existing jobs with your changes.  But you might also wonder how tasks are changed when you let Senta update existing jobs. 

Different Types of Tasks

Tasks can be Ready or Pending (not ready yet).  They are Ready when their start date arrives.  Usually in a workflow, tasks start off as Pending, and then, at some point, their start date comes along and then the tasks are changed to Ready.

If you have a workflow, and the tasks are assigned to account manager, they are pre-allocated to whoever is the current account manager.  This is while they are Pending.  If the account manager changes, the task will be reallocated to whoever the new account manager is.  This is why sometimes, against a task, you see a little icon to tell you this.  

Here's a VAT return job I just set up:

Note that because the task start hasn't come around, the task is still Pending.

As you can see, the task has now been allocated to me permanently.  

If I now go and change the client's account manager, you will see that only some tasks will update:

In the case of some workflows, such as client onboarding, there are no start dates on the tasks.  This means that all of your tasks are immediately Ready as soon as the job starts.  That means they will be assigned properly to a fixed person straight away.  

It would be strange for these tasks to be reassigned because they have already been notified to me.  

The same thing is true if I change the assignee in the Workflow.  Look what happens when I change the Workflow so that some of the tasks are assigned to a specific person.  I've changed the Workflow so that the first four tasks are now assigned to me, John and Client

As you can see, the Pending tasks are updated, but the ones that are already properly assigned (like task 1) are not reassigned:

However, I can easily reassign them, either on the job view or in the task list: 

First, select the tasks: 

and then click More actions > Assign tasks

You can then choose the new task assignee and all the tasks are given to the new person.