If you want your client or user to fill out a Checklist as part of a form:

Go to Settings>Forms>Add Form

Add a name for the form, and make sure to select "Yes" for Add these tabs automatically to 'Edit client' when used?

Add a name and optional introduction for the tab, and set the type to "Form".

Click Add Field, then: 

1. Add the name of your first checkbox in the Field reference box. 

2. Set the Field type to "Check box"

3. Add a field reference if you need to refer to the answer to this checkbox elsewhere in Senta

4. Add a tooltip (Text that appears when you hover on a question mark next to the name of the field description)

5. Set whether the field is mandatory

6. Set the field to not readonly

Repeat adding fields until you have added all of the checkboxes you wish to appear on the form, then click 'Save'.

Your Checklist Form is now available to use throughout Senta.