In this video tutorial, Laurence from the Senta support team shows you how to add other practice users to your Senta workspace.

Text version of this tutorial

Think of Senta as an extra member of your team - you can tell Senta to perform a number of tasks in your practice, such as sending emails and text messages automatically at the right time!  It’s great for reminding clients to pay tax liabilities or keep them up to date with deadlines.  


If you have more people in your practice, then they'll benefit from using Senta too.  Senta will assign tasks to the right people in the practice, plus everyone can add notes and keep up to date with all the latest client information.  You’ll also have a single view of all the email that everyone in your practice has sent -- ideal for when colleagues are on holiday.


Adding Users to your Senta Workspace

This option is limited to users with administrator permissions.

Click on the cog in the top menu. It's where all the Senta settings are for your practice. Only you have access to that menu. 

Choose Users and you'll see a list of all the users in your practice. 


Click Add user to set up a new user.


Now you've got more users up and running on Senta, you might like to know about Using Senta on mobile devices