In this video tutorial, Louise from the Senta support team shows you how to start configuring your Jobs, by adding extra tasks.

Text version of this tutorial

Every practice does things slightly differently, and you can make Senta exactly the way you like it. Perhaps you want to do your client-take-on differently, have extra steps in your accounts production, or want to add a brand new type of Job to give great customer service. It's all easy with Senta.


You can customise forms, Jobs, Services and admin functions in Senta – even the inbuilt things like drop down lists, the client form and contact form.


Don’t worry about making mistakes, we can always reset your Jobs to their original state. The free trial is the best time to try making changes to Senta, as it comes with loads of sample clients and basic Jobs.


All of the customisation options are under the cog menu on the navigation bar:





At the heart of Senta are Jobs. These are pre-determined sets of steps, made up of Tasks and deadlines.

Senta comes pre-loaded with a number of Jobs designed to help with the types of work you might encounter in your practice.


So you can get-to-grips with how Jobs can be customised, why not start by adding a task to an existing Jobs? 

Click on Settings>Jobs.

Choose a Job to edit. In this example, we will look at the VAT return Jobs.


When editing a Job there are a number of tabs with information about the Job, including dates, tasks, and the option to preview any changes you’ve made.

If you go into Tasks, you can see all of the Tasks that make up the VAT return Job.


If you scroll to the bottom and click Add task...


...a new box will open up to create a new task. You can change the title, details, task type, and other information about the task.


When you have created your task, remember to click Save at the top.


We have more detailed guides about Jobs and editing existing Jobs, as these are some of the most powerful ways you can make Senta work for you.


If you have any ideas for specific Jobs you would like to create, just let us know and we will be happy to help you set them up.


And if you have questions or need support, don't forget to ask - We're here for you!