The client portal is the easy and secure way to send documents, receive files, and assign tasks to your clients.

The client portal looks like a simplified version of the practice portal. See below for an example of a client portal dashboard.

The client portal works much in the same way as the Senta homepage:

  1.  The client can view any assigned Tasks from the Work menu, and can view any documents that you have uploaded for them from the Documents menu.
  2.  The notifications globe will glow when your client has any outstanding Tasks.
  3.  The dashboard has a widget which shows a message from your practice. To edit this, go to

    Settings > Practice details > General

  4.  There is a Task widget on the client portal dashboard, which will list any tasks that your client needs to complete.

Tasks assigned to clients

There are a range of different Task types in Senta, many of which can be assigned to clients. Some of these are automatically assigned to clients in a Job.

For example in the Client take-on Job, the "Client ID upload" Task is assigned to the client.

As soon as this Task is 'ready', it will appear in the client portal.

This will take them through to a page where they can upload the document.

The "Client ID upload" task will change to being "Completed" on your practice site once they upload the document.

Another Task that can be assigned to clients is the "Signing" Task type. Please take a look at our full guide to electronic document signing here.

Uploading documents for clients

If you click and drag a document onto a client page, you will be given the option to make the document visible to the client, or just to the practice.


Once you have added a document to a client, a number will appear next to the documents tab to let you know there is a new document.


If you look in the documents folder, you will see the name of the document, along with other details about the file type and when it was created. You can also add documents to clients by clicking on the upload button in the documents tab.

For more information about working with documents, see here.

Clients uploading documents

When a client uploads, the client's account manager is notified -- the account manager will hear the gong and see the globe flashing: 


Clicking on that reveals a file upload notification: 


This notification will only be sent to the client's account manager.

We are going to be changing this in the future, so that you will be able to decide what happens when a file is uploaded.  You'll be able to set up a Job that is kicked off any time a client uploads a file.  This gives you a lot of flexibility -- for example to notify everyone in the practice.  

Switching between accounts

Some clients may be the director of a company, but may also do their personal tax return through your practice. In this case, they may have 2 separate client accounts: one for their Ltd company, and one as an individual. Take a look at our guide to switching between accounts here.