Lookups are the name given to all editable sets of dropdown menus available in your Senta workspace. There are many pre-loaded in Senta, but all can be changed to display the options you want, or you can add your own.

Please note, It is not currently possible for practices to delete whole sets of lookups. If you need any removed from your site, please contact support@senta.co.

You'll probably end up using lookups in tasks: When you select a drop down task type, you'll need to assign a lookup at this point.

You can find lookups in the Settings Menu:

Here you'll find the default list of lookups. Let's take 'Client Type' as an example:

Within the lookup editor, you can change names of existing items in the lookup:

Or you could add new items, such as an additional contact type:

You can also change the order that items appear in the lookup by using the arrows on the right hand side.