You can set the default footer for all emails from all users in Senta - so for example you may wish to add standard practice details and a logo. 

In order to set a footer, you first need to make sure that you have turned on the email integration for your site.

When sending emails from Senta, any footers from Gmail/Outlook/any other email provider will not be added, and Senta will only add in the footers you create by following the steps below.

Setting a practice-level footer

Go to Settings > Practice Details > Emails

From here you can set a footer which will appear at the bottom of emails sent by all users in your practice. This would usually include general practice information such as the address, website and phone number

You can copy your whole footer from an email, and paste it into the email footer box. Any styling, formatting and images should be retained.

Tip - You can click and drag logos into the email footer field from your computer. Logos can then be resized by clicking and dragging in the middle of the image.


Setting an individual-level footer

Individual users can then set their personal email footer by going to:

Your Account > Your Profile > Email

The individual footer appears above the practice-level footer in any email, and usually contains individual information such as name, role, and direct phone number.

From here you can edit the footer by copying an existing one over to the footer field or you can edit it and drag and drop the logo image straight into the field below from your desktop:

You can click and drag in as many logos as you like, re-positioning them and resizing until the footer looks the way you want. Click 'Save' at the top of the page when you're done.