You can set the default footer for all emails from all users in Senta - So for example you may wish to add standard practice details and a logo. 

Go to Settings > Practice Details > Emails

Tip - Logos can be resized by clicking and dragging in the middle of the image.

Setting individual user email footers

Individual users can then set their personal email footer by going to:

Your Account > Your Profile > Email

From here you can edit the footer by copying an existing one over to the footer field or you can edit it and drag and drop the logo image straight into the field below from your desktop:

Adding multiple logos and links to your email footer

In order to add several logos and links to your email signature, you will first need to download the individual logos from your email signature and then upload them to your practice documents folder (you can chose another hosting space if you like).

Once you have hosted the image:

1) Right click on the uploaded image and choose 'Copy link address'

2) Open Settings > Practice details > Emails and find the email signature box

3) Click on the 'HTML view' button:

5) Paste in the following code in the place where you want the logo, adding the image address of your logo to it as well:

<img height="100" src="LINK_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_LOGO">

6) Click on the HTML view button again to preview the image. You may need to change the 'height' number in the code to resize the image to your liking.

7) Click Save at the top of the page when you're finished.