You can update any field, including contact information, in bulk from the contact list, making it really easy to change groups of clients from Prospects to Clients, update an address for all contacts if a business relocates, or any other mass change you might need to apply to your clients and contacts.

1) Open the clients list, and select all the clients you wish to update

2) Click Action, and select Update Field

3) Choose the field you wish to update for that client (in this example, State) and click OK

4) You will be presented with a dialogue box asking you what you want to set as the new value (in this example, we'll change all of the prospects to clients). Select the desired value, then click confirm.

5) You will be asked if you want to update, with the number of clients this will affect. 

One you click on Yes, update them, you will see a progress bar letting you know how long the update will take.