You can use document folders to organise your client documents within Senta. Folders can be created for individual clients, or for all clients in your practice. You can also have folders show on the client portal.

Add document folders for all clients

Go to Settings > Practice details > Folders

To add folders for all clients, click 'Add'

Enter a name for the folder, then click 'OK'.

The click 'Save'.

This folder will now show for all clients, under the 'Documents' tab on each client page.

Add document folders for individual clients

Open a client page and go to the documents tab.

You will be able to see any of the practice-wide folders you have added, which display for all clients.

To add a new folder for just this client, click More actions > Add folder.

Enter a folder name, then click 'OK'.

This folder will be added to the client's folders.

Within each folder, you can create subfolders in the same way.

Drag and drop folder structures from your computer

You can drag and drop whole folder structures directly from your operating system onto the client documents tab.

To do this, just select the folder from your file browser window and drag it onto the client page.

Select the visibility for the documents you are uploading.

The whole folder structure will be imported onto the client page.

The folder structure will be displayed above the documents list.

Moving documents

To move documents into a folder, click on the document, then drag it onto the folder you want it to move to.

 Each folder will display how many documents it contains

You can also move documents by ticking to select, then clicking 'More actions'. From this menu you can choose from a number of options, including request a signature, hide from clients, delete a folder or document, or move to a folder/job.

Add document folders to practice documents

Click on Documents > Practice documents

Click More actions > Add folder.

Enter a folder name, then click 'OK'.

This folder will now display in your practice documents.