Senta gives you the power to control the visibility of any documents that you upload, to make sure that only the intended recipients are able to view any documents.

Uploading to clients

When you upload documents to the documents tab on a client page, you will be given the option to either have the document be visible to "practice only", or to contacts of the client.

If you want a document to be visible to contacts of the client, you can choose whether this document is visible to all contacts, or only specific contacts. This can be particularly useful if you are uploading documents like payslips, which should only be visible to specific people.

Depending on the level of visibility you have set, under the "viewable" column on the documents tab the document will either say visible to "all contacts", "some contacts", or "practice only".

If the visibility is set to "some contacts", you can check who is able to view the document by ticking to select the document, then clicking on "change visibility".

Uploading to the Senta dashboard

When you drag and drop documents directly onto the dashboard, Senta will automatically set the visibility to be "practice only", and will automatically add them straight to the "uncategorised documents" folder.

This is located under the Documents menu on the navigation bar.

From the uncategorised documents folder, you can choose to move this document to the practice documents folder, or to a company's documents tab.

Once you move this document to a company you will need to update the visibility if you do not want it to be a practice only document.