Sometimes it can be very handy to be able to create a job that's specific to one client, perhaps because you do slightly different things for them.  This is especially useful for bookkeeping clients, where you might do entirely different tasks for each of them.  

You can use the Senta configuration to make specific versions of jobs for particular clients.

How to set up a client variant of a job

To set up a client variant of a job, go to Settings > Jobs and find the job you want.  Here I'm going to make a slightly different version of the Payroll job for one client - Concave Stone.  Go to the Tasks tab and click Add client variant

You'll be prompted to choose the client: 

Search for the client you want, then select it and click OK.

You'll be given a new variant for the client: 

As you can see, you can remove this variant or add other ones for different clients.  You can use the green button to choose which client you're working on... or the master tasks.


The next thing is to customise the tasks for Concave Stone, so make sure you have selected it from the dropdown.  

Now, you can edit any tasks you like, or click Add task to add a new one just for Concave Stone.  Here's my finished variant: 

All I need to do now is click Save.  Concave Stone payroll jobs will be updated with the new details and future jobs for them will pick up the new template for them.  All other clients will continue to use the master tasks. 

Things you can do with this feature

You can use this feature to

  • adding and removing tasks
  • change deadlines for some tasks for specific clients
  • alter email wording

This feature is great where you have very specific changes for certain clients.  However, if you have whole groups of clients that need changes, this is not the best approach.  For example, you may have "gold clients" and "silver clients", who receive a different service level.  In that type of scenario, filters would be a better solution, because you wouldn't need to add lots of clients variants.