Zapier allows you to easily connect two web apps, so you can integrate any two pieces of software together. 

If you would like to test out the Zapier integration, please contact the support team at so we can send you a link for the beta test Senta app in Zapier.

Practice Ignition

This zap uses the Senta action "accept proposal" which ties in with a proposal being accepted via Practice Ignition. This zap will kick off any selected services in Senta for a new or existing client. If the proposal in Practice Ignition is being sent to a new client, this new client will automatically be created in Senta.

Text version of this tutorial:

Turning on the integration in Senta

To turn on the Practice Ignition integration, go to Settings > General settings > Extras and toggle on the integration.

Once you do this, a new Practice Ignition tab will be added to the "General settings" page. Additionally, all Services will now have a new "PracticeIgnition service names" text box. This is what will be used to match up any services in Senta with any services in Practice Ignition. 

Connecting multiple Practice Ignition services to one Senta service

If you have multiple Bookkeeping services in Practice Ignition, such as "Bookkeeping monthly" and "Bookkeeping yearly", you can simply add "bookkeeping" to the PracticeIgnition service names text box. Practice Ignition will map both of the Practice Ignition services to Senta by using the common word "bookkeeping", and will turn on the Bookkeeping service in Senta no matter which of the Bookkeeping services you select in Practice Ignition. 

If you have multiple services in Practice Ignition that do not share any common words between them, it is still possible to map these to a service in Senta. You can enter the name of each service on a new line within the PracticeIgnitions service names text area.

For more information about matching service names between Senta and Practice Ignition, please get in touch with the support team at

Creating a zap in Zapier

Please note that there is now a zap template available to connect Senta to Practice Ignition, which is pre-configured as shown in the screenshots below.

Select Practice Ignition as the trigger app.

Select "Service Accepted by Client".

Connect your Practice Ignition account to Zapier.

Zapier will then pull through some sample proposal data from Practice Ignition

Select Senta as the action app.

Select "Accept Proposal".

Connect your Senta account to Zapier.

Select which fields from Practice Ignition will update fields in Senta.

From here you can send a test acceptance, or "skip test". Test data may reference services you don't have in Senta, which will therefore be automatically created.

Once you have finished and tested the zap, you can name it and turn it on.