Sometimes you might want a client to update one field on a form, without sending them the whole form to fill in. By using field references that sync across different forms, you can ensure that any data on your client tabs is kept up to date.

Create a new form, and select "no" so that this does not create a new tab on the client page.

When creating fields in the new form, you need to ensure that the field reference for the new field matches that of the pre-existing field in Senta. So for example, if you wanted the client to enter their company number, you need to find this field in Senta from the form "Limited company details", and copy the field reference - in this case "companynumber":

When you copy this field reference over to a new field on the new form you are creating, Senta will tell you which other fields this is syncing with. This means that if the client fills in the company number in the form you assign to them, it will update any other fields with the same field reference.

Once you have saved the form, you can assign this form to the client to be filled in, using the "fill in a form" task type. For more information about this please take a look at our guide to task types. We also have a guide to form creation which you might find useful.