Adding the fields

First we will have to add the extra fields to the service/payment form. 

1) Go to Settings > Form > Services/Payment

2) Next select Add field > Add the fees field e.g. VAT Service Fees 

Field type : Money

Field reference: vatservicefees

Use lower case and no space format for each field reference

3) Repeat the process for all the fields

Click Save!

The configuration of the additional fees field is now complete.

You will now be able to view and edit the fees field on the Client Page > Services/Payment Tab

Exporting the fees data

In order to export the fees data we will have to modify the Client List by adding the fees column. 

First we will have to "tidy up" the Client List and remove any columns that you do not wish to export in your Fees Report.

Go to the Custom view drop down box and select Edit Columns 

Next select which columns you would like to delete by clicking on the cross icon 

Next click on Add New Column > Scroll to Services/Payment and click to expand the view. Expanding the view will bring you to any tabs included in that form; in our example this is only General. Click on this to expand and view the fields within that tab:

Select each service to add it as a new column to your list and click Add.

Once you are happy with the changes, click Done > Save view as > Save as... e.g. Service Fees List > Click OK 

This will allow you save the service fees list in your clients tab for a quick and easy access.

To export your list to a CSV. file, highlight the clients records that you would like to export and click the Actions box > Export

Now you can select whether you would like to export visible columns or export all data. One you select one of the options, your CSV. file will download.