This article will give you step by step instructions on how to configure weekly + monthly payroll frequency for your clients. 

Adding the lookup

Go to Settings > Lookups > Payroll frequency > Add item > Type in Weekly + Monthly Payroll in the empty field > Click save

Editing the Payroll details form

Settings > Forms > Payroll details > Date of next payroll > Change the field name from "date of next payroll" to "date of next payroll (non-weekly)"

Click on add filter > Scroll down to payroll details > Payroll frequency > Click OK > Tick as follows: weekly + monthly, monthly, quarterly, fortnightly, four-weekly, six-monthly, annual (but NOT weekly)

Click on Add new field at the bottom of the page and add the field name "Date of next payroll (weekly)", make sure to select the "date" field 

Click on Add filter > Payroll details > Payroll frequency and select: weekly and weekly + monthly

Click save!

Adding the weekly + monthly frequency to the the payroll service

Go to Settings > Services > Payroll service > Select weekly payroll from the Jobs list > Tick the box for the weekly + monthly payroll as well as the weekly payroll frequency > Select date of payroll (weekly) from the form field > Save changes

Repeat the process for the monthly frequency >Tick the box for the monthly and weekly + monthly payroll frequency >  Select date of next payroll (non-weekly) from the form field > Save changes

You have successfully configured the additional option of the Weekly + Monthly Payroll frequency. The option will be available to select in the Payroll Setup Job for any client where the Payroll Service has been added. If you have completed the payroll setup job for the client, you can change the frequency by going to the payroll details tab, clicking edit and the changing the frequency to Weekly + Monthly.