To add another layer of security, lower the risk of attack and prevent unauthorised access, you can request the IP restrict option. This option can only by applied by the support team following a request from the Practice Manager.

Restricting the IP address will prevent any unknown devices singing in to your Senta work space. Each device has it's own unique IP address that can be obtained from the device settings. 

Once the IP restrict option has been applied by the support team, the Practice Manager will be able to select to allow sign-in from any IP address or to restrict sign-in to certain IP addresses. The allowed IP addresses list can be edited by going to Settings > General settings > Security > Access restrictions

Anyone trying to access the site from an IP address that is not in the list of allowed IP addresses will be redirected to an access denied page with the message "Your address is not in the list of allowed IP addresses".


Administrators can sign in from anywhere and will not be restricted by IP addresses.    

Any integrations you enable will not be restricted by IP addresses and will be able to connect even after you have added IP addresses.