You can store template documents in Senta and then generate personalised versions of them to send to your clients, adding all the relevant information from the client's record, such as their company name and address. 

This can be really useful when it comes to sending out things like letters of engagement.

1) First you'll need to create your document externally to Senta. If you want the document to automatically populate with client information, you'll need to put placeholders into the document.

    For example, if you wanted to have the client name show in the document, you would need to put: {client.title}


    If you wanted to add the name of the primary contact, you would put: {client.contact1.firstname}

    You can find a full guide to formatting your placeholders here.

2) Ensure you save your document in 'docx' format, as this is the only type of document compatible with Senta's letter generator

3) Upload your template document to your practice documents. Go to Documents > Practice documents > Upload to do this.

4) Once the document is saved, navigate to the client you want to generate the document for. Click on More actions > Generate letter

Tick to select your template document from your practice documents and click OK.

Senta will automatically create the document and add it to the client's documents tab.