One of the task types your accountant might assign to you is an electronic signing request.

You will receive an email from your accountant to let you know when there is a document waiting to be signed.

When you sign in the the client portal, you will see a signing task on the dashboard.

Click on sign document.

You will be presented with the document in your browser. There are Sign, Reject and Download buttons.  You can scroll through the document, or download a copy to read and keep.  

Agreeing & signing

When you are happy, click the Sign button to add your signature. You will be presented with a panel, asking you to acknowledge that you are signing the document electronically and that you intend a binding electronic signature to arise.  

To confirm this, you must type your full name into the box as it is saved on your profile, and then click Sign now.

After signing, you will be given the chance to download the document, a signed copy of document or just the signing receipt. You will also be sent a follow-up email with a link to download the signed document.


If you do not agree to the document, you can click Reject to reject the document.  You will then be asked to type a reason for rejecting the document.