The audit feature allows you to view a complete record of the jobs, tasks & activities that have taken place for a client. Audits can only be performed by practice managers.

The ability to view and follow client records within Senta, promotes transparency within the practice and ensures user accountability. It can be used to assist you with the reconstruction of events in order to help you detect and solve a problem. This feature allows you to view actions of both practice users and Senta.

Using the Audit feature 

While on a client's page, you can use the audit feature by going to More actions > View audit.

You then have the option to display an audit for jobs and tasks, Senta activity, or both. You can also choose to filter the audit by a date range.

Upon making a selection, simply press GO.

The detailed chronological record provides information about any changes made to the client. The newest records will appear at the top of the page.