When editing a job template, you can use filters to ensure that a task only shows up in the job based on the answer to a previous question.

Creating a yes/no task and applying the filter

First you need to add the yes/no task type in to the job template. 

Go to Settings > Jobs > Pick any job or create a new one > Click on Add task > Select Type of task - Yes/No

Next, select the Yes/no tab and add the question.

Click OK.

Next, click on Add new task to add the task that will be filtered depending on the answer in our yes/no task.

Select the Type of task, for example - Send email.

Go to the Filters tab > Click on Add filter > Select the relevant field from the Choose a field list.

Click OK and then select either Yes or No and click OK to confirm the selection.

The task in the example above will only display in a job if the answer to the previous question is "yes".