To enable the Xero integration in Senta:

Go to Settings > General Settings > Extras

Switch on the Xero integration by changing the toggle to On.

Click Confirm.

A Xero tab will be added to the the Extras page, where you can connect either the client-level or practice-level integration, or both if you like. 

When setting up the practice level integration, you will need to select your organisation from Xero to allow Senta to read your contacts from Xero. 

Select Connect with Xero:

If you only have one organisation connected to your Xero account,  you will see this page where you can Allow access:

If you have multiple organisations under a single Xero account, you will see a dropdown menu to choose which organisation you would like to authorise:

Once you click Allow access, Senta will link that organisation to Senta: