Once you have switched on the Xero integration in Senta, you can connect individual client records in Senta to organisations that you have access to in your Xero account.

-    First, open a client record in Senta, either by going to Clients > Client list and selecting a client, or by searching for a client in the search bar.

-    On the client record, you will see a tab called 'Xero'. Click on this tab

-    Click on 'Connect with Xero'

-    You may be prompted to sign into your Xero account at this point (if you are already logged into Xero in the current browser session, this step will be skipped)

    It's important that you sign into the Xero account where you manage the organisation you wish to link to this client in Senta.

-    Choose the organisation you wish to connect to your client in Senta, and click Allow access for 30 mins

-    On the Xero tab on the client record in Senta, you will be able to view information about the organisation, any registered users and addresses. 

You will also see their Executive Summary displayed on the right hand side.

-    To import any of the Organisation, Users or Addresses information to the client record in Senta, just click on the blue cloud icon next to the field:

- To reconnect to the organisation, click Reconnect with Xero

- To disable the integration on a client, click Disable Xero

To refresh the data that is being pulled from your connected Xero organisation, click Refresh. (This can be useful if you've made changes to an organisation while the Senta Xero integration is active)