Not all jobs have to be a part of a service, sometimes you may want to complete a job on an ad hoc basis. 

In Senta you can either configure a brand new job that you want to use on ad hoc basis or you can choose from one of the existing job templates. 

If you would like to kick off ad hoc jobs for a group of clients, please click here.

Creating a new job to use on an ad hoc basis

You can create a new job by going to  Settings > Jobs > Add new job.

For example you might like to add a text messaging job to use on ad hoc basis. 

First add the job name: Text messaging and assign the Job colour (optional)

Next go to the Tasks tab to click on Add task button and select Type of task: Send text message

Click OK to complete adding the task to the job.

To start the ad hoc job on the client record go to the Client page > Click on the Work tab > Click on the Start ad hoc job

This will allow you to select which job you would like to start, for example the Text messaging job.

Once you have made your selection, click on Start job

Senta will kick off the job for you and the job will be added to the Jobs section in the Work tab. 

You will also notice a pointing hand icon which means that the job has been created manually. 

Kicking off an ad hoc job using existing job template

You can also use one of the existing jobs on an ad hoc basis. To do this, go to the Client page and click on the Work tab.

To do this, click on the Start ad hoc job button to bring up the list of the existing jobs. 

You will be able to select any job for the existing job templates under Settings > Jobs.

Select the job that you would like to start and click on Start job.

Pivotal date in an ad hoc job

When you start an ad hoc job, you will be able to manually set the Pivotal date

Senta will set the Pivotal date to the current date as a default, however, if you want to pick a different Pivotal date you can do so by editing the Job pivotal date field.