Enabling the AML ID check feature will allow you run an ID check on your clients directly from the contacts tab on any client page.

Please note that each time you run a check on the contact, you will be charged £2.50 per check. AML ID checks are only available for UK addresses.

This feature can now be enabled by practices by going to Settings > General Settings > Extras, and toggling the switch to On (remember to select Save to ensure the feature switches on).


Perform a check

Once the feature has been enabled, you will notice a new button on the Contacts tab.

To perform an AML check, you will need to ensure, at a minimum, that there is a First name, Last name, Date of Birth, and Address including postcode present on the contact record. If a telephone number, mobile number or email address are included on the contact record, these will also be included in the AML check. 

The AML check goes through the following address fields from the contact. If you have removed any of these fields from the Edit contact form, then the AML check may not run correctly:

Address 1

Address 2




When you click the Perform check... button it will take up to 30 seconds for the AML check to complete. Any details will be provided on the contact tab.

Depending on the result of the ID check, the Overall risk will return one of these Risk levels:

Normal - the identity is validated

High - the identity is not validated or the identity is validated however three or more warnings have been returned 

It is at the discretion of each practice to decide what action to take and what ID to collect based on the results of each AML check.

Last completed

This displays the date of the last check completed.


Will display "Yes" or "No" depending on whether the identity has been validated.

These sections will also display "Yes" or "No":

  • Address exists
  • Does this match their current address?
  • Do they exist on the electoral roll?
  • Are they a politically exposed person (PEP)?

            "Yes" will display with a green tick icon indicating that this contact has passed the PEP check.

Sanctions screening

This will return as either "Pass" or "Fail".


A warning will be displayed at the top of the ID check results providing detail of why the Risk level is High:

Cost and billing

AML checks cost £2.50 + VAT each. The total from all of your AML checks will be tallied each month and added to your direct debit payment.

Data refresh

The addresses and credit header data are refreshed every 6 weeks. If a client has moved house, it may therefore take up to 6 weeks for any AML checks to to return their new address information.

I need more information about an AML ID check

If you need more information about an AML check, please contact your client for further information.