You can add an estimated time to your Job templates, and to the tasks within them. 

Combined with the time recording function in Senta, this allows you to view the overall time taken on a Job verses the actual time taken.

You can add estimated time for a whole Job, and you can also add estimated time per-task to help you calculate the total Job time:

- Open Settings > Jobs > Your Job > Tasks

- Click on the task you want to add a time estimate to, and then click on Timing

- Enter the time in the Estimated duration field, and then click OK

- Click on the General tab to view the task time estimate total. You can then use this to enter a total estimated duration for the Job (You don't have to do the task time estimates, you can just enter the Job estimated duration on it's own if you like).

- Click Save at the top of the Job set up page when you're done.

- You can then view the total time vs actual recorded time in any active Job where time recording has been done.

- Open the Job in question, then click on the 'Time' tab:

- The total and estimated times will be shown at the bottom of the list of time items: