Switching between accounts

If you are linked to more than one account, you will be given an option to switch between different portals e.g. between your individual and corporate account. Simply click on the account name that you would like to sign in to.

You will be able to check which account you are currently logged into by checking the box in the top right corner of the Client portal screen:

To switch to another account, click on the account name displayed in the top right corner and select another account. 

Main dashboard

The Main dashboard is the very first page that you are going to see when you first sign in to your Client portal. The areas that you will see on the main dashboard are Things you must do, Your items, Deadline, About us and Upload a document. 

1. Home 

Click Home to go back to the main dashboard.

2. Help and support

Clicking on Help and support will take you to our guide section, where you will be able to browse through our articles and videos.

3. Your account

Click on the Your Account section to sign out of the portal.

Things you must do

The Things you must do area will notify you of any tasks, forms or documents that have been uploaded to the Client portal and of any things that your accountant or bookkeeper needs from you right now. 

Clicking on Review now will take you to the Your items page that will be pre-filtered to show you the outstanding items that require your attention.

Your items

You can view all the items that your accountant or bookkeeper has assigned to you from the Your Items section. There are several filter options to help you to navigate around the page.

1. Search bar

For quick and easy access, you can search for documents via the search bar that is located in the top left corner of the Your items page.

2. Urgency

You can filter the Your items tasks and files by Urgency; Outstanding and Historical. All items that require your attention that has not been actioned yet will be classified as Outstanding, and all items that have been actioned will be classified as Historical. You can filter Your items by one category or both.

3. Items

You can filter Your items section by the item type:

  • Documents
  • Requires signature
  • Forms
  • Requires upload
  • Questions

You can apply multiple filters to display the relevant items.

4. Date

Choosing the Date filter will allow you to filter the items by date.

5. Folders

You can choose to filter the page to only show items within specific folders. Choose which folder or subfolder to display documents from by ticking to select that folder. Multiple folders can be selected at once, or you can choose to select all folders, or none, using the top tickbox.

6. Outstanding items to review/Historical 

This is the main section of the page that displays your outstanding and historical items, depending on the filter that you apply.


The deadlines section is the place where you can view any important dates that your accountant or bookkeeper has shared with you. 

If you don’t see the date that you’re looking for, let your accountant or bookkeeper know that you’d like to see this on the portal and they’ll be able to add it for you.

Click on Review now to view all of your upcoming deadlines.

All the deadlines will be organised by month and year:

About us

About us area is a place where your accountant or bookkeeper may choose to share contact details for their practice.

Click on View now to open up a window where you will be able to view the information that your accountant or bookkeeper is sharing with you.

Upload a document

The Upload a document area allows you to securely share the documents with your accountant or bookkeeper at any time. Once you upload a document, it will always be available to view and re-download from the Your items page.

To upload a document, click on Upload now

You can either drag and drop files from your desktop straight into Senta, or you can click on Select file and choose the file from your computer.

If you upload a document that you didn't mean to or need a document deleted from the portal, please contact your accountant or bookkeeper.