This integration is only available automatically to UK and Ireland practices. If you are based elsewhere but work with UK companies and need access to Companies House information, please contact support at

The integration with Companies House allows you to display key client information on a new tab on the client page, as well as triggering the accounts production and confirmation statement jobs automatically.

Turning on the Companies House integration

Go to Settings > General settings > Extras to turn on the integration, then click Save at the top of the page.

Viewing Companies House information for existing clients

Once you have turned on the Companies House integration, all Ltd Companies and LLPs will have a new Companies House tab. From here you can add a company number by clicking "Edit" at the top left. Senta can use key dates from this tab to automatically trigger accounts production and confirmation statement jobs for your clients. You can also import any documents from Companies House straight into Senta.

Once you enter the company number, the tab will display key company information such as company name, type, date of incorporation, accounts next due.

Adding clients from Companies House

You can also add clients straight into Senta from Companies House. Just click on Clients > Add from Companies House.

From here you can search for companies by name or company number.

You can then choose whether to add a company as a prospect or as a client.

When you add a company from Companies House, Senta will also import the following company details onto the edit client page:

General tab:

Client name


Address tab:


Contacts tab:

Officer information as individual contacts

Limited company details (general) tab:

Company number

Date of incorporation

Accounting reference date

Limited company details (registered office) tab:


Adding in a SIC code

If you want to display the SIC code for any client on the Companies House tab, go to

Settings > General settings > Forms > Edit client > Companies House tab

Add a new text field with the field reference "siccode".

A new field will be added to the Companies House tab on each client page.

Updating existing client fields with Companies House information

You can bulk import company numbers for all clients from a spreadsheet by adding a company number column to your client data spreadsheet, then when mapping the columns for import, select the Company number field.

If you have already imported clients into Senta from a spreadsheet and want to update their client fields (listed in the section "Adding clients from Companies House) with information pulled from Companies House, please contact support at who can run a bulk import of this information for you.

Triggering jobs from dates in Companies House

Accounts production and confirmation statement jobs are automatically triggered from dates pulled from Companies House.

If you have added a company from Companies House, or you have added a company number to the Companies House tab for an existing client, then all you need to do to is turn on the appropriate service and the jobs will run automatically.

Senta will ensure that the filing dates are pulled directly from Companies House. Any triggered jobs will display a magic wand symbol next to them.

Accounts production

The accounting reference date, accounts period start and Companies House accounts filing date will all be pulled from Companies House. Triggered dates will display a magic wand symbol.

Confirmation statement

The next made up to date will be pulled from Companies House. Triggered dates will display a magic wand symbol.

Once you file a confirmation statement or annual accounts with Companies House, Senta will update these dates overnight. Once these dates update to next year's filing dates, a new job will kick off as part of the service.

n.b. currently Senta can only use each trigger once. If you have a service set to run according to the "accounts next made up to" date changing (such as for accounts production), once this date changes and the next accounts production job has been kicked off, you cannot then use "accounts next made up to" as a trigger for any other jobs.