It's well known that text messages grab people's attention in a way that an email often doesn't.  For practices it can therefore be a great way to contact a client when it's really important.  Senta has an easy text message service built-in and you can use it to notify your clients about dates and deadlines -- anything important or time-critical.

Please note: Text messaging in Senta comes from a no-response number. Your clients will not be able to respond to text messages sent from Senta. These messages are mainly aimed at being a way to remind your clients of upcoming work and deadlines.

Sending text messages is as easy as sending an email, and it comes at no extra cost. Easier in fact, because you don't have to specify a number, subject or choose a sender -- just the message itself when prompted. 

Before you are able to use the text messaging feature, you need to ensure that the mobile phone number for the primary contact of a Client has been filled out.

You can send text messages on an ad hoc basis. For more details, please visit our guide to sending an ad hoc text.

You can also send text messages as part of a job. To use texting as part of a job, you will need to edit the appropriate job template. For more details, please visit our: guide to adding a text message task to a job.

Enabling the text messaging service

Go to Settings > General Settings > Extras, and turn on “Text messaging”.

Raise a support ticket to let us know what you would like your sender name to be. This can be a maximum of 11 characters, including upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and spaces.

Enabling the text messaging service for the US/Canada/Mexico

These regions do not support sender IDs. Any text messages sent from Senta will come from the standard phone number 18572548444. We recommend that you contact your clients when the text messaging service is first set up, to let them know that this is the number you will be texting them from.

If you are based in any of these countries, please contact the support team at, and we can set this up for you.


Enabling the text messaging service for other regions

If you will be sending text messages to clients outside of the UK, and you are not based in the US, Canada or Mexico, you will need to set the international dialling prefix for the particular country. For example, if you are based in Spain, you will have to input the country code into the International dialling prefix field. In the case of our example, this would be ''+34''.

You can set this by going to Settings > General Settings > Text messages.