Setting a task to be dependent on 2 filtered tasks guarantees that the current task will still run, regardless of which filtered task is included in the job.

For example, you might have a job where 2 versions of the same task exist:

- One task is filtered to only run when the bookkeeping method for a particular client is "manual"

- The other task is filtered to only run if the client does their bookkeeping online

Take a look at our accounts production job below, where 2 different filtered versions of the email task are set to run, depending on whether the option for manual or online bookkeeping has been selected for a client.

Task 1 - filtered for manual bookkeeping

Task 2 - filtered for online bookkeeping.

Task 3 - we want this task to become ready after task 1 is completed for manual bookkeeping clients, or after task 2 is completed for online bookkeeping clients.

To ensure this, task 3 has been set to be dependent on the completion of both task 1 and task 2. Only task 1 or task 2 will be part of the job, but task 3 will become ready afterwards in either case.