Whether you want to download a single document or many, we make this really easy in Senta.

Please note, only practice manager and admin users can bulk download documents.


Downloading single documents

Locate the document you want to download, from a client page, or the practice documents or uncategorised documents folders.

Click on the document to upon up a preview, then click Download at the top right.

If the document is a type that cannot be previewed in Senta, for example a spreadsheet, a pop-up message will ask if you want to download the document instead.

Downloading documents in bulk

By default, only Practice Managers can bulk download documents. To enable all other Senta users to use this feature, this can be turned on in Settings > General settings > Security:

Locate the documents you would like to download, on any client page.

Tick to select the documents or folders you wish to download. 

Tip: You can use shift+click to tick multiple boxes at once.

Click More actions > Download as zip.

Click Confirm to download the documents in a zip file.

You will be notified when the document is ready to download.