While you can view the upcoming deadlines for any jobs from a job list, you might want to report on upcoming deadlines for multiple jobs in one place, for a list of clients.

To add a deadline column to a client list, open up the client list you want to edit and go to Custom view > Edit columns.

Click Add new column.

Navigate to the Next job dates tab and locate the date field you want to add, then click Add.

Remember to click Save changes when you are done editing the list.

You will now be able to view the next deadline for that job, for any clients.

Senta will display the next chronological deadline for any jobs that can be worked on, or have been completed. If the next job has been cancelled, Senta will display the deadline for the subsequent job.

For example, on the list below, the first 3 clients are showing a tax return deadline of 2020 as they all have ready/pending/completed job with this deadline. The tax return job with the 2020 has been cancelled for the client Judy Armstrong, so her next tax return deadline is showing as being in 2021.