Senta's Q&A feature takes all of the risk out of sending confidential information via email, by allowing you and your client to contact each other via the client portal.

Comments can be added to tasks and documents, or your client can raise a question about anything they need as a standalone query.

To enable the Q&A feature, go to Settings > General Settings > Extras and turn on Client portal + questions


Client portal Q&A

Raise questions

In the portal, your clients can raise any questions from the Questions widget on the homepage.

After clicking on Ask a new question, they will be able to set a subject for the question and enter any questions in a text box.

If they click on Read now on the Questions widget, they will be taken straight to a list of their items, which has been pre-filtered to show any items which are marked as "Outstanding" and "Questions".

From here they can click on Comment on any question to continue the conversation.

Comments from the client will appear in blue, and comments from the practice will appear in grey.

Comment on items

Clients can also raise questions and comment on any tasks you assign to them, or any documents you have uploaded for them to review or sign.

They can access these documents by clicking on Review now on the Things you must do widget, or on Explore now on Your items.

By clicking on Comment, clients can add any comments to anything you have assigned to them.

Please note: deleting a document will permanently remove any questions/comments attached to it. 

Practice Q&A

Within your practice site, you can choose whether to receive a notification via email or the notifications globe whenever a new comment has been added by a client. For more details on notifications please see the guide: How do notifications work in Senta?

Q&A tab

A Q&A tab will also be available on each client page. This tab will display the number of conversations happening between your practice and the client.

Whenever there is a new comment from a client, the number will show in yellow.

Once you have clicked on the tab to view the new comment, this number will change to display in grey.

Any ongoing conversations will display on the left, and clicking on one will display the contents of the message on the right. Comments from the practice will appear in blue, and comments from your client will appear in grey.

You can also raise new questions by clicking on Ask a new question.

Comment on tasks/documents

You can add comments to any tasks that have been assigned to your client, just open up a job or go to your task list, and click on the speech bubbles on the client task.

You can also do the same on documents.

Any comments added to tasks or documents will also display on the client's Q&A tab.

Delete a comment if it hasn't been read

Comments that have been added to tasks or documents can also be deleted by the person who wrote them, if they haven't been read by anyone yet. The commenter will simply have to press on the "x" button...

...and the comment will no longer be available to view.