This guide will show you how to take pictures with your mobile device and upload them to a client page.


There are a couple of options, you can either:

  • Open up your Senta workspace in your mobile device using a mobile browser, and take a picture during the document upload
  • Take a picture of the document or ID, then upload it

Let's open up your Senta workspace first, then search for the client record that you would like to upload the picture to. 

Go to the Documents tab on the client page.

Next, tap on the Upload button.

Tap on Select file.

You will now have a choice whether you would like to select an existing file from your mobile device or whether you would like to use your camera app to take a picture of a document or ID. 

Choose your preferred method of upload, and upload the picture.

Select the document visibility.

Once you select the picture visibility, the picture will be uploaded to the client page.