This guide will show you how to sign in to the client portal by entering your email address and password, or by  using your Google account.

To sign in to the client portal you will first need a link which should be sent to you in the activation email sent out by your practice. The link format will look something like https: // -- but this is just an example; your own accountant will send you a link to their client portal. 

Click on the link and you should see the sign in page:

You can now enter your email address, and the password that you created during your initial account setup.

Clicking the Sign in button will allow you to sign in to your client portal.

Once you enter your details, you can tick the box next to Remember me. Your browser will remember your sign in details for the next time when you log in to Senta.

Alternatively, you can choose to Sign in with Google. Please note that this sign in option is only available to you if you are going to sign in with a Gmail account.

Click Sign in with Google and enter your Gmail address.

Next, enter your password.

Click Next and you should be taken to your Client portal.

What happens if I don't remember my password?

You can use the Forgotten password link to reset your password. When you click on the link, you will be taken to a screen where you can enter the email address where the password reset link will be sent. 

Please note that the password reset links often end up in the Spam/Junk folder so please check those folders. 

What happens if I am unable to log in?

If you are experiencing an issue logging in, please contact your accountant who will be able to confirm your details and advise of next steps.

What device can I use to sign in to the Client portal?

You can use most mobile devices that are connected to either Wi-Fi or a mobile network, this includes Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone smartphones and tablets, laptops, PCs...

Please note that a good connection to the internet is required, especially when opening and signing documents. If you are having trouble accessing documents or signing them, please try another browser and another device with a stable connection to the internet. If you can still not access the document, please contact your accountant to confirm that the document is still being shared with you.