The auto-numbering feature allows you to easily set up and assign client reference number to any of your existing and newly added clients.

Setting up client reference numbers

To set this up, you will first need to add a text box field within the client or contact details form, or by setting up a new form and adding a text box field.

After you add the field where you wish for the client reference numbers to be recorded, contact us directly at, since this is something that currently can only be set up by the support team.

Formatting for automatic client reference numbering

  • Client reference numbers can only contain numbers (no letters or alphanumeric combinations e.g. A001).
  • Client reference numbers can start from any number.
  • Client reference numbers can also be left padded with zeros (0). Please let us know how many digits in total you wish to be added. For example, a six digit autonumbering setup will look like this:

Things to note

  • Client reference numbers will only apply to new clients created from now onwards.
  • For any existing clients, you need to export their information in .csv format and then add in client reference numbers for  before reimporting.