Once you have switched on the practice-level Xero integration in Senta, you can sync client data in from your Xero account, and push client data changes out from Senta to Xero. You can also view sales ledger information for each client.


Syncing client data in from Xero

From the Clients menu, there will be a new option to "Sync with Xero".

From this page you can see all of your Xero contacts, which can be synced into Senta as clients. 

Please note: Xero contacts = Senta clients.

You can bulk sync them all in one go, or choose what to do for each client. You can either import them from Xero, link them to an existing Senta client, or add them to the ignore list.

For whichever action you choose, you then need to tick to select the client, and click sync to apply the action.

Import from Xero

Once you import clients from Xero, they will be available on your client list.

They will also display under the "Synced" tab on the Xero sync page.

If you choose to link the client to an existing client in Senta, you can then choose the client from a dropdown list.

Once this client has been linked, the name of the Senta client will display to the right of the Xero contact on the syncing page.

At the point of linking, no data will be pushed from Senta into Xero, or from Xero into Senta. Once you have linked the Xero contact to the Senta client, you will see notifications on the client's page in Senta offering to push data into Senta or into Xero, if there are any differences in data between the 2 databases.

Add to ignore list

Xero stores non-clients such as suppliers as contacts, so you may choose to not sync these contacts into Senta. If you choose to ignore the Xero contact, they will be added to the "Ignored" tab on the Xero syncing page.

From this page you can also choose to stop ignoring these Xero contacts, to import their data into Senta.

Updating client data in Senta and Xero

For any clients that you have imported from Xero, or linked between Senta and Xero, you will be given the option to push any data changes between the apps.

For example, if I change the first name of the contact of Bayside Club from "Bob" to "Robert"...

...Senta will give me the option to either push this data change to Xero, or to ignore the change and not update Xero.

If I then go into Xero and change the contact's first name to be "Robbie"...

...Senta will give me the option to sync this change in from Xero, or ignore it.

The following fields sync between Senta and Xero:

Senta company Name => Name

Senta main Contact First Name => First Name

Senta main Contact Surname => Surname

Senta main Contact Email => Email

Senta client Telephone => Default Telephone

Senta address (Type: POBOX)

Senta address Line 1 => Address Line 1

Senta address Line 2 => Address Line 2

Senta district => City

Senta town => Region

Senta post Code => Postal Code

(AU) SentaABN => Tax Number

Please note: Currently only the main contact information will sync from Xero.

Sales ledger

Each client that has been synced with Xero will now show a Xero sales ledger tab, with details of any invoices. From here you can also click to go straight into Xero to view this information.