The emoji feature allows you to add emoji characters into text areas such as notes, footers, email templates, and introduction text on forms. Reactions are a way to express yourself via emoji on clients, jobs, and notes.

N.b. emoji and reactions are currently feature toggled, please contact if you would like this turned on for your site.


Using the Emoji Picker

The emoji picker can be accessed by clicking the new “Emoji picker” button on the toolbar of emails, notes and footers.

The picker will display a selection of all emoji, with a search bar to find specific emoji.

Using the typeahead

You can also insert emoji using the new typeahead feature. By typing a colon and starting to type the name of the emoji, a dropdown list of possible matching emoji will display below.


Reactions can be added to jobs, notes, tasks, and clients. To add a reaction, just click the smiley face button next to the item you want to react to.

You can then use the emoji picker to choose a reaction.

Multiple reactions can be added to each item, and hovering over the emoji will display the name of the user who added the reaction.

You can remove your reaction by clicking on the emoji.