You may want to restrict access to specific clients, for example if you are storing financial data about your own practice within Senta you may only want this to be visible to certain users. The restricted clients feature allows you to do this.

How do I enable the option to restrict my clients?

This feature can be enabled by going to Settings > General settings > Extras.

How do I restrict a client?

Once the option to restrict the client is made available for your workspace, go to the client record and click the More actions box at the top of the page.

You will notice the option to make the client restricted at the bottom of the drop-down box.

Once you select the Make restricted option from the drop-down list, you will see this pop-up message:

Click Confirm to make the client restricted.

A little padlock icon will appear next to the More actions box to let you know that this client is restricted.

How do I remove this restriction from the client record?

To un-restrict the client, go to the Client page > More actions > Select "Make unrestricted".

How does client restriction work? 

When you restrict a client, only administrators and users with roles on the client e.g. Account manager, Payroll specialist, Bookkeeper will be able to view and edit the client record, jobs and tasks. 

For more information on specialist roles, view our support article - Assign work to a specialist in your practice