There are three main building blocks when it comes to Senta's workflows - Tasks, Jobs and Services. In this guide, we'll take a look at what each does, and how they work with each other to create the services you will use.

The difference between Tasks, Jobs and Services

A Task is an individual action - for example, sending an email, uploading documents, making a call or filling in a form

A Job Template is the base configuration for any given set of Tasks. You can copy, amend and tweak Job Templates to suit your practice. For example, Accounts Production contains 10 Tasks that range from sending emails to uploading documents, and follow a logical order

A Job is a collection of Tasks started for a client

A Service is a collection of Jobs - this is how Senta collects several Jobs into one overall service to be provided to clients, such as Tax Returns, or Client Onboarding

How do Tasks, Jobs and services interact in Senta?

This diagram shows the three main building blocks and how they work together to build a Workflow:

Now that you understand how Jobs and Services are built, why not check out our guide on Jobs and Configuration?