The Dext Precision integration in Senta allows you to pull your Dext Precision health score onto the Xero tab or Quickbooks tab on a client's page.

The Dext Precision health score gives an overall score for a client as a percentage to indicate the health of their books in Xero or Quickbooks. Learn more about the Dext Precision health score here.

Please note you also need the Xero client-level integration or Quickbooks client-level integration turned on to use this feature.


Turning on the Dext Precision integration

Go to Settings > General settings > Extras to turn on the integration, then click Save at the top of the page.

Once you turn on the integration, a new Dext Precision tab will be added to the General settings page.  

If you go to Settings > Users > Integrations, you will find a new integration user called Dext Precision.

Click on Dext Precision and then click Generate API Key

Click Generate.

Your new API key for Dext Precision will be displayed on screen. Copy this to your clipboard and go to your Dext Precision account.

In Dext Precision, navigate to the side panel and go to Configuration > Integrations:

Select Senta > Connection Credentials, type in your Senta URL and paste the API key generated from Senta, and select Link To Senta:

Once connected, the status will change to "Linked" and any Senta clients linked to Xero or Quickbooks will pull through:

Viewing the Dext Precision health score

When viewing the Xero tab or Quickbooks tab on any client page, you will now be able to see the Dext Precision health score displayed at the top of the tab.