In this support article, you will learn how to capture a date and use it as a start or due date on a task.


How can I capture a variable date?

Often you will have to work with variable dates that differ from client to client. The best way to capture those is to create a form that will allow you to record that date using a date field. The form can be completed as a part of a job or simply stored as an additional tab on the Client details form.

You can learn how to add and use forms in Senta from our guide - Using forms in Senta.

How can I use the date captured on a form as a task start or due date?

As an example, we are going to use this scenario:

We would like to store a meeting date for a prospective client and send them a text message reminder 2 days before the meeting. 

Step 1: Creating a form to capture the date

First create a form, following the guidance from our support article about using the form in Senta. Make sure to add at least one date type field to the form as this will allow us to record the meeting date. Once your form is ready, go ahead and either add a "Fill in a form task" to an existing job or add it to a brand new job.

Now that your Fill in a form task is added to the relevant job, go ahead and add the form that you have created to the Fill in a form task.

Step 2: Adding other tasks to the job template

Since we would like to send the prospective client a text message reminder about the meeting, we can go ahead and add the text messaging task to the same job template. 

You can learn more about text messaging tasks from our guide - Adding a text message task to a job.

Save changes to the job template. 

Step 3: Add a Key date

We are going to use a Key date within a job in Senta to pull through the meeting date that is recorded on the form. To add a Key date, first, go back to the job template, then go to the Dates tab. 

Click on the Add date button.

Several fields will be available for you to fill in.  Ensure that you have filled in the description, field reference and date offset. There is more information on Key dates in our guide

Step 4: Add the Key date to the start date offset

Now we have created our Meeting date as a Key date with the field reference of prospectmeeting we can use this within the start date offset of the Text message reminder task, so that it will start 2 days before the meeting date:

This is what our live job will look like: