When you're creating a Zap you can use the "Find a Client in Senta" option to to take the results of your trigger event and search your Senta database.

Once you've set up your trigger event (in this example it's when a new subscriber is added to a Mailchimp audience):

You can create a step 2 using the Senta app and choose the 'Find a client' event

Next specify which of the data from the new Mailchimp subscriber you want to use to search your Senta database. In this example, we're going to use the first and last name of the new subscriber:

There's also the option to 'Create client if it doesn't exist yet'?, where you can decide how the client should be named as well as other default information you want added to the client record.

Targeting a Zap event based on results of the 'Find a client' event

You can create events in your Zap which will use the results of the 'Find a client' event. For example, you can set the Zap to make updates to a specific client. In this case, you would use the 'Client ID' retrieved from the the 'Find a client' event: