Senta has several pop-up dialogues asking you if you're sure you want to do things - These pop-ups can be disabled by switching on the "Don't ask me again" feature.

How to turn on the "Don't ask me again" feature

 Go to Settings > General Settings > Extras

Scroll down the page of toggle-on features and find the 'Don't ask me again' feature. 

Flip the switch to 'On':

Which dialogues have the 'Don't ask me again' feature?

The following dialogues will have a checkbox option, where you can choose to not be asked again:

1. "Mark this task as completed?"

2. "Mark this task as already done?"

3. "Mark this task as not completed?"

Once you have chosen not to be asked, the dialogue will no longer appear when completing that action

If you wish to switch one of the dialogues back on after you've already said 'Don't ask me again', please contact the support team and we can do this for you (