By building a Zap in Zapier, you can make external processes automatically take place every time a new client is added to Senta

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to turn on the Zapier integration in Senta - see Connecting Senta to Zapier. 

You'll then need to log into your Zapier account ( to begin making Zaps.

To get started:

Click Make a Zap from the Zapier home screen.

Choose the New client added trigger.

Choose the Senta account you want to link the Zap to:

Click Test trigger to find a recent new client in your Senta account.

You can then set up a follow on action (or actions) in any of Zapier's connected apps. 

In this example, we'll set a new subscriber to be added to a MailChimp audience...

You can use the data from the new client in Senta and pass it into fields for the new subscriber in MailChimp, such as their email address...

... and name...

Once you've set all the details for your follow up action, click 'Test & continue' to confirm the Zap will work as expected

And finally you can switch on the Zap:

Now whenever a new client is added to Senta, your follow on action or actions will happen automatically.