When searching for a client using the search bar, add in a secondary field to enable you to see further information about the client. 

Please note, the secondary field is limited to fields stored within the General, Address, Services and Companies House tabs from the Client Details form. 

Set up a secondary field

Go to Settings > General Settings > Clients

Open up the field picker by using the button with the three dots:

Once you have chosen your secondary field, click OK to confirm and click Save to save your changes.

Your search results will now display like this:

If you would like to remove the secondary field search result, return to Settings > General Settings > Display to open the field picker and click None. Remember to click Save to save your changes. 

Show client contact numbers as a secondary search field

You may wish to have your client contact numbers as your secondary search field for ease. When selecting your field in the field picker simply select Telephone and Save.

Your search results will now display the client contact telephone number:

Using Expressions in the secondary field

It is also possible to use placeholders to combine multiple fields in the secondary field.

For example, if you would like to view from the search results which "type" your client is and where they are located, you could use expressions to display this information.

First, you will need to add a new field to your Client Details form. There is further detail about adding fields to forms here.

For this example, you would add a field named Company in location. Set the field to be read only and add the expression "{client.clienttype} in {client.town}".

Return to Settings > General Settings > Display to set the secondary field as Company in location. 

If your clients have the Type and Town field completed, your search results will display like this: